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The goat industry is an ever changing area.  There have been many changes, even in the Boer Goats themselves. There has been many changes from the original look and STANDARDS that first made the Boer Goat such a massive  and strong animal.  Some of these changes have been due to environmental, breeding standards, and  even some financial opportunities made some breeder stray from the ORIGINAL STANDARDS. We have decided to do the best we can to stay true to those standards that were set by the SA Breeders.  To do this we are going to DNA all of our stock to make it easy to track the TRUE GENETICS of the BOER GOATS that come off our farm.  This will be an on going process.  We will still have breeding pairs that might both have DNA on record.  This is because we are picking the best of the best.  All the Bucks used for breeding ARE and WILL BE DNAed. Sense we see the importantance of the Boer Goat we made a few changes . This has made us change the way we look at, breed and even  the way we look at animals we keep for our breeding programs. We have made a decision to purchase animals, seman and breeding stock that are as close to the ORIGINAL BOER GOATS that we so love.  If there is any way WILDE PLUM HERITAGE BOER GOATS can help you please just get in contact with us.

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You Want to Know What Happens at the FARM...

Pictures taken by David Parrott at the farm.

 Wilde Plum Farm of Georgia wants to welcome you to our little touch of heaven in our little Boer Goat World where we have quality Boer Goats and even some Non-Traditional Boer Goats. We are basing our breeding program off the original genetics that came to the United States in the mid 1990's.  This is an important part of our program due to the limited genetics that is true to the original structural design that came from South Africa.  We see these animals as the future of the meat situation in the United States of Amerca.  We are breeding Boer Goats for sale in GA  that  range from stock animals to show animals and all animals in between . We are proud to say we base our breeding program on TRUE South African Style and proven HISTORY.


Breed Standards

Why we breed and take pride in South Africian Boer Goats

" As a breeder I believe that one should always do a few things.   We should try to improve each generation of this breed. .” This is very important. There is always changes that happen to all type of animals, but we must stay true to the animal and its origins.   In order to do this we must look at each characteristic of the animals like a piece or a puzzle and a building foundation block of a pyramid.  

 1) Foundation is the structural integrity of the animal & the future 

2) Functionality of the animal

3) Breed Characteristic. 

4) Style 

This combination needs to work well for the breeder on the farm, as an added block to the future boer goat breed and last but not least what  they will do in the show ring.  When they do not meet then needed components EAT THEM.  They are meat goats 

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Classes and Seminars conducted on Wilde Plum Farm

  Throughout the year we have tried to have a few events that will help in the raising and even how to starting  raising goats on a farm. ​​Theses events have been received by all age groups and can be presented in a way all will learn something.  We conduct classes that deals with the most important questions in the goat business, How to Deal with Goats and The Problems That They Will  Bring. I know this sounds like a funny statement , but it is an on going challenge that you will deal with daily . These classes happen a few times a year. We will present to you an approximately 2-3 hour seminar / classes on basic goat care, breed information and show preparation. We are able to have these classes when requested and we DO have them at least once  around the beginning of meat goat season in Georgia.  

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 To keep true to the idea of producing "Heritage  BOER GOATS" we have changed our way of looking at our selling and registering of our animals.  We WILL NOT offer animals for registered sale if they leave our farm before 6 months of age.  This makes it so we can control and regulate the quality of all BOER GOATS that we are adding  to the future BOER GOAT GENETICS.  If they do leave the farm before 6 months they will not leave with the possibility of registration. This means they will be commercial only animals.

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