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Market Doe Goat for Sale

This was a market show goat that did well through her season.  I decided to keep her for a market breeding program.  Due to my change in breeding program you get the chance to get this animal. She was exposed to be able to have her offsprings born to be able to used in the 2018 Market Show Season. She was bred with my 100% ABGA registered buck, so her offspring will be able to be registered as a 50% ABGA doe and the buck could be registered through the ABGA to track its genetics, but is not able to be registered as a %. There will be an added of $50 to the purchased price to be able to obtain the service memo to be able to register the offspring. This memo will be sent at time of birth. Picture who she is bred with upon request genetics are posted.$650

Market Goat For Sale 

Doe#: Painted Girl (Unk)   

Birth Date: 2016-03-01   

Reg #: Farm GEN 11   

Sire: Non-Registered   

Dam: Non-Registered   

Color: Red & White Paint

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