Our Farms Family Tree - the Genetic Building Blocks


Wilde Plum's Reference Animals and Genetic Building Blocks

League E142 ** / *


Yes,  this is a BLACK BUCK. He is solid black.  This is one of our Sire Bucks. He is what we like when we are thinking about Heritage Style Bucks,  but with a splash of Black. His genetics prove that he is close to it you can get walking around these days. That CODI/PCI we also just could not pass by with out a second loo.  His Sire is WDTM Lone Star (SQ) and his Dam is Red Sky CODI/PCI.

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Passion Red *


Meet one of the dam that are located at our farm. This is is the touch of red we have been looking for and had to have her. Here red is a dominate trait and shows up in her offsprings.  So you can tell she is a beginning of Heritage Boer Goats with a touch of COLOR.  Her Sire is AABG NBD Atomic (Ennobled) and her Dam is RRD N289 

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Top Spot ***


We wanted a few spots and we liked this buck  He was bred to our does to add his structure and style (the non-traditional look).  He had a lot of the Heritage traits that were were looking for even though he did not have the traditional coloration. His Sire is CSB Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger ( Ennobled) and his Dam is JAD Astroids Pot O' Honey

JKN Allie *


Loved the old style looking lady.  She has large brisket and great depth to add to the herd.  This is what I think of when I say "TRUE BOER GOAT DOE" . Allie has more than a few plusses than I can talk about in this small area.  Her body gives her the ability to carry multiple kids with LESS problems then the "Wether" style does. 

Genetic Offspring of: 

Sire is FSE 7020 On The Mark 

Dam FSE 2083.  

WPFG's Buggs *


This is a thick girl that will make some future kids that will bring just what we want  in oura  stock.  She lost her ability to be an ABGA registered girl when she can from another registry.  This does not matter because she is a buiding block for better her at the farm.  Just wait to see what she contributes 

JAD Astriods Pot O' Honey ****


To add color and veriety we looked for another  boer with this type of color genetics to add COLOR.  We found this goat in Top Spot genetics and knew we found a winner. Even though color does not put meat on the bone you can see she has great body conformation and that was the extra plus for us. Large frame and great depth.

DSD1 Meagan *


Meagan has the large frame and depth needed to cary kids easily.   Due to that great large body animal, Tsunami, and the present that you can see in Meagan it was a win win to add her to the farm and keep that plus in our genetic pool that we can offer to future Boer Goat owners. 

Genetics Offspring of: 

Sire is DSD1 Red Soxx

Dam is JKN Taini.  

****She goes back to MCR Tsunami.**** 



This is the sire of WPFG's sire Cadila Jack.  JacK is one of our Major building Block Sires. He has over 75 enobbled animals in his family tree. We knew when we say him we had to add his genetics to our farm. He was true to the original idea of Boer Goats.

Genetic Offspring of: 


Key : 

* Owned and Present on Wilde Plum Farm

** Semen owned and used in  Artificial Breeding Program

*** Bred to and brought offsprings to farm

**** Reference Animals in our Farm's Genetic Family Tree.