How to Raise Boer Goat and info about OUR CLASSES

Here is am discription of classes that we had at the farm and we can conducted them at your place also.


    Throughout the year we tried to have events that will help in the raising and even the starting in raising of goats on a farm.     ​​

We have a few classes that deals with the most important questions: 

How to Deal with Raising Goats

These classes happen a few times a year. 

We will present to you an approximately 2-3 hour seminar on basic goat care, breed information and show preparation. We are able to have these classes when requested and we DO have them at least least around the beginning of meat goat season in Georgia. 

We will try and cover the following topics in discussion:

1)   Establishing & maintaining health status in your herd. (Feed and Nutrition and Needed Records to Keep)
 2) Pasture/fence requirements (Predator Control, Fence Types and Field Rotation) 

3) Breeds of goats (the following breeds will be represented either in crosses or pureblood, Full Blood Kiko, Boer, Myotonic, Angora/Cashmere, Saanen, Lamancha)  Not in depth breed discussions .

5) Establishing and maintaining a high health status in your herd. (Biosecurity, Record Keeping and Things to Look For)

6) Basic health care and maintenance (We are NOT veterinarians, nor do we have the experience or training to diagnose or treat your animals.  We recommend that any time you are unsure of what may be wrong with your animal that you consult your local veterinarian) 

7) Optimizing management to meet farm goals (choosing a production system, choosing breeds, production quality standards and marketing)

8) Hands on demonstrations involving hoof trimming, administering oral and injection medications, taking a goat’s temperature and identifying the parts of a goat (This may vary in each segment of the demonstration)

I do these because when I started in goats there was no real good answers out there on question that I had. I hope and have seen over the past years that there are other out there with the same question I had when I started. I enjoy and hope the passing on of this type of a few on one classes have and will help. So, if you’re in the look for and want one to contact me. You can even subscribe, and I will get the times to you. 

 If you want call and we can even set up a class. 

Contact us to schedule a class

I have put together a few vidoes that might be helpful.


When I first got started I did alot of searching on the web.  I found some video from OSU.  These are a great start.

Caring for goat with videos starting with their hoofs.

Check out this great video that shows one way to trim goat feet.  There is many way out there but here is  the best way to start. 

Age of my goat.

How old is that goat?  Here is a video that helps

Goat Parasites

This is a great start in getting to understand parasites

Goat Fencing

 Goat Fencing. If there is really something that can keep a goat in.

Common Diseases

This is a good start in Common Diseases

Body Condition Scoring

Check out this great video about Body Condition Scoring

Goat Nutrition

Check out this great video Goat Nutrition